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Versions: v1.0 | Size: 86MB

The MBWhatsapp APK, developed by Stephanie, rapidly gained popularity amongst customers for incorporating the WhatsApp iOS 14 subject and providing a more advantageous consumer experience. Stephanie additionally created WhatsApp for Android, introducing a consumer-pleasant conversational interface for seamless interactions with friends and co-workers.

MBWhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, owned through Facebook, similar to the famous mod model GB WhatsApp. This APK empowers users to have conversations on the platform by presenting superior messaging and privacy functions, raising the overall user experience to an ideal degree.

In essence, MBWhatsapp’s motive is to enhance and increase upon the unique capabilities and settings observed inside the official WhatsApp software. It gives users extra options that increase their enjoyment and enhance the opportunity to record online.

Furthermore, users need not uninstall their unique WhatsApp software program to cope with the MBWhatsApp mod APK. It is able to be downloaded and installed alongside the true iOS app, allowing customers to operate accounts concurrently.

mbwhatsapp apk download
mb whatsapp
mb whatsapp ios
mb whatsapp update
mb whatsapp android
mbwhatsapp pro
mbwhatsapp download
mb whatsapp update download

Features of MBWhatsapp APK

This APK offers a wide range of functions that are not available in official WhatsApp versions. These unique features make it an excellent choice. Here are some aspects you should be aware of before installing MBWA:


MBWA allows you to unleash your creativity by customizing your WhatsApp according to your preferences. You have complete control over customizing your text, fonts, emojis, bar sizes and colors, background colors, and icons. With MBWA, you can explore various fun ways to enhance the visual appeal of your WhatsApp.

Auto Reply and Message Scheduling

One of the standout features of MBWhatsApp is its “Auto Reply” functionality. This advanced feature enables users to set up automated responses for multiple messages based on their preferences.

You can create predefined instructions and specify the time for message delivery. This feature can also be activated for group chats and specific contacts, making it convenient to schedule birthday wishes or send messages when you are unavailable.

Additional Features

It also makes a ton of gorgeous options possible, like custom wallpapers for each contact, group admin indications, and double tap reactions. I’ll let you investigate that extensive APK without going into detail here.

Privacy Features

Despite being a third-party WhatsApp extension, it has some amazing privacy features that surpass those of the official app. The ability to exit a group without alerting others is one of its most charming qualities.

In my experience, I’ve frequently had to break up with strange groups of needy friends without hurting them. So, that MBWA feature was really helpful to me.

Control Features

Second, you have the ability to select who you view when you are online going forward. Thirdly, it gives you the blue tick control, which you can intelligently apply to your everyday communication.

The listing is limitless. You will be able to use this extension to customize your on-line presence and feature extra manipulation over it.

Enhanced Communication

What makes us use WhatsApp? It facilitates and elevates our communication. However, this APK encourages even more creativity in your correspondence.

So, all it takes to add entertaining emojis to any conversation is to download the sticker plugin. Second, if you want to cleverly engage your audience, you can create auto-reply responses.

In-App Translation

What makes this WhatsApp MOD extension special is the intelligent in-app translation feature. Translation offerings for Bengali, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Vietnamese are also offered in chat.

Thus, any more, you may speak each language. You can speak with people anywhere in the world using this APK without having to worry about language barriers.

Customization and Themes

Furthermore, as soon as you download JTWhatsApp themes, you can attach a vast array of themes. Not only that, but you can also use an exclusive theme customization feature and apply your favorite themes to multiple accounts at once.

Data Protection and Backup

Many of us have a ton of valuable content on WhatsApp, and occasionally—like in my case. We lose sight of it. However, this mod is different from the others in that it makes it simpler to backup your data and restore it whenever you need to replicate something.

Delivery Status and Blue Ticks

The availability of blue ticks and the delivery status are two of its main advantages. You can use this feature to track when your message has been received and read by the intended recipient.

Anti View Once

You can view the files, videos, and images that the sender has designated for “view once” by turning on “Anti view once.” You now have more control over your content and privacy thanks to this feature.

Control over Calls and Texts

“My will my phone.” Yes, you are in charge of deciding who can contact you by phone and text. You can prevent unsolicited calls and messages and limit who can contact you.

Send a Message to Any Saved Number

 WhatsApp’s ability to send messages to unsaved numbers is a useful feature. In situations where you are pressed for time and cannot save contacts, you can type the number and send a message right away without adding it to your mobile contacts.

Quick Reaction Options

To access the quick reaction options, click the chat bubble. You can reply to messages fast with this feature without having to type a lengthy response.

Sending Large Files

With this version of MBWhatsApp, you have access to an incredible tool that allows you to send large files and send bulk messages from your gallery. You can send huge files, like movies and pictures, to numerous contacts by using this feature.

Offline Access

Even without an internet connection, you can use WhatsApp. Thanks to your ability to access their chat without alerting them, you have a significant advantage in your social circle.

Password-Protected Conversations

Within MBWhatsapp, there is a built-in feature that enables you to secure your personal messages, photos, and important data from unauthorized access. You have the option to enhance the security further by setting up fingerprint locks, passwords, or PINs for specific chats and contacts. Moreover, the application provides recovery options to retrieve forgotten PINs or passwords without the need to uninstall it.

Enhanced Image Quality

One of the drawbacks of the official WhatsApp is the limited photo quality. However, with the implementation of this antiban extension, you can now send pictures at three different levels of quality.

What makes MBWhatsApp different from other WhatsApp?

Sticker Manager Plugin: The Sticker Manager plugin offered by MBWhatsApp enables you to effortlessly install a variety of sticker packs.
MB Themes Plugin: Elevate your messaging experience by utilizing the MB Themes Plugin, which allows you to download and choose from a wide range of exceptional themes.
Send Up to a Hundred Bomb Messages: Sending up to 100 messages at once is possible with MBWhatsApp. Please be advised, though, that abusing this feature could lead to the suspension of your account.
Privacy Features: MBWA incorporates features that prevent others from capturing screen recordings or taking screenshots while you share your phone with them.
Detailed Notifications: This APK ensures that you stay well-informed about various activities until you decide to disable notifications. It includes indicators for actions like being blocked by someone.
Improved Attachment Options: The MBWhatsapp update has further enhanced its attachment options, making the process of sending and receiving files and media even more convenient. This feature allows for easy sharing of files, photos, and videos.

How to Download and Install MBWhatsapp Pro

This is a detailed how-to manual that will help you download and install MBWhatsapp Android on your Android phone. To finish the procedure, adhere to the real steps:

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App NameMB WhatsApp
Last updatedToday
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.9 ⭐
Downloaded Users80,820,957+
  • To begin, click the MBWhatsapp App download button on this page.
  • It might take a while for your request to be fulfilled.
  • After the download is finished, go to the settings on your phone and select “Security Options.” After that, allow “Unknown Sources” to access the storage on your device.
  • The downloaded file can then be found in the “Download” folder by opening File Manager. To begin the installation process, find and tap the MBWhatsApp APK file.
  • You must grant administrator rights during setup, which include access to your location, gallery, and media/library. To ensure that the configuration is successful, kindly grant those permissions.

When it’s finished, a tiny app icon will appear on your device’s screen. Press the symbol to launch the application, verify your login details, and begin utilizing MBWhatsapp.


In our everyday lives, there are numerous instances where we may be unable to promptly reply to all the WhatsApp messages we receive on our mobile devices. The Auto Reply function in MBWhatsapp iOS proves to be extremely useful in such situations, as it improves productivity by maintaining connectivity with others. In essence, this feature not only saves time and effort but also offers a prompt and professional response to your contacts.


Is it safe to use MBWhatsapp?

It is safe to use on Android-powered devices, yes. As of right now, no one has said anything bad about MBWhatsapp.

When I install MBWatsapp, can I use two accounts?

Yes, once the MBWhatsapp apk is installed, you can use two accounts.

How can I make MBWhatsapp iOS’s “Auto Reply” feature active?

It’s easy to enable the “Auto Reply” feature in MBWhatsapp iOS. Just open the app, then click “More” in the upper right corner. Now select the “Auto Reply” option by opening it.

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